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We do not restrict ourselves to produce only a few standard models of bouncies. We can design, match & produce custom designs of just about ANYTHING that you can think of, - or dream of - at no extra cost! This is just one of the special features that distinguishes Unique Inflatables from its competitors. Because of our flexibility, and our competitive pricing, we have emerged as the ultimate destination for world class bouncies at the world’s best prices.

Detailed information and specifications about the accessories that we provide with the bouncies.

1 year on manufacturing defects, subject to maintenance.

Safety Standards:
All the designs and the accessories that come along with the bouncies meet US and European safety standards.

Technical Comparison

Unique Inflatables

Our Competitors

Comments / Remarks

Both side coated 1000 denier nylon fabric, UV resistant and fire retardant.

Most of them use 800 denier polyester with both side coated and UV resistant and fire reluctant.

Nylon is 40% more stronger than polyester.


We use UV protected 6.6 nylon bonded threads.

Most of them use 6.0 simple nylon bonded thread.

6.6 nylon thread is 100% stronger than regular 6.0 thread.


We pioneered the practice of providing an extra layer of protection to the bouncy in places which are prone to extra stress and usage.

So far no one has done that.

This increases the life span by 20% to 30%.


The prices we quote are inclusive of blower and other accessories.

They quote prices separately for each and every accessory.

All accessories put together will cost around US$ 650 minimum.


We do not restrict ourselves to producing standard models and dimensions.

Almost all of them restrict themselves to standard models and dimensions.

You will not be charged extra for customized designs and dimensions.


The prices we quote are most competitive as compared to any one in the world.

Check their pricing.

There is a lot of savings.

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